Cindy Busby makes ‘Christmas Cupcakes’ in seasonal UP tale

A cable-movie staple celebrates the yuletide again

Cindy Busby of ‘Christmas Cupcakes’ Sunday on UP

Q: In “Christmas Cupcakes,” you play one of two sisters who become involved in a seasonal competition to save their family’s bakery. Do you actually bake?

A: Oh, my gosh … I am so not a baker! Cooking is a passion of mine, but baking involves chemistry, and I don’t do chemistry. We had an amazing baker who was on the set, kind of advising us; she would preset the cupcakes and the bread that were a big part of the story, because that’s what our characters’ father is known for.

It was actually quite nice to learn from her. I can’t say that I’ve picked it up since we shot the movie, but I appreciate the time and effort that goes into baking. And I do enjoy the end result if someone else makes it.

Q: What do you look for in doing a Christmas project?

A: I absolutely love Christmas. It’s always been my favorite holiday, hands-down, so anything Christmas-themed already appeals to me. I also like stories about family and how things come together; I ask, does the movie bring together what I believe the Christmas spirit to be?

At the end of the day, any of the holidays is about bringing people together and having them have moments of enlightenment. That’s what I love in any story, but specifically in a holiday story.

Q: You’re also in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film “A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love” this season. These aren’t the first holiday movies you’ve made, but how do you feel about representing this time of year so much?

A: We shot “Christmas Cupcakes” at the beginning of last year, so I wasn’t sure that it would air this year. And with the fact that (the two new films’ premieres) fall on the same weekend, I thought, “What are the chances of that?” I’m into it, though.

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