Cindy Busby finds ‘Love in the Forecast’

Hallmark Channel staple weathers a new screen romance

Cindy Busby of ‘Love in the Forecast’ Saturday on Hallmark Channel

Q: In “Love in the Forecast,” you play an aspiring meteorologist. Did the actual weather cooperate with what you needed for the movie during filming?

A: We shot it in Vancouver, where it normally is quite rainy … but it didn’t rain that much while we were there, which is so ironic. Had we shot anything else, it definitely would have rained every day. We had to use rain towers, because on camera, you don’t really see rain unless it’s really huge drops. I just thought that was funny.

Q: To play a forecaster, did you find yourself watching actual ones on television more closely than usual?

A: I definitely did. Every time I go home, all my parents have on their TV is (Canada’s) Weather Network. Now that they’re retired, that’s all that plays in the house, other than a couple of reality shows. I was very familiar with weather, then, and with people who work in it.

Q: How did you find your rapport with your leading man in “Love in the Forecast,” Christopher Russell?

A: Chris and I actually had worked together about five years ago in a movie called “A Puppy for Christmas,” and he played my rich ex-boyfriend that I get a puppy for, but he’s totally disgusted with animals. We didn’t work together as extensively on that as we did on this movie, but he is one of the nicest, funniest people I’ve ever met.

He’s this drop-dead-gorgeous man and super-buff, so from the external, you think, “Yeah, what’s this guy gonna be like?” Then you start talking to him, and he’s this total nerd who’s so self-deprecating. We just got along really well, and it was just like a tennis game where it feels so natural to be playing with your partner. It came together so well.

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