Chris Geere aims for the best to end ‘You’re the Worst’

Edgy FXX comedy series heads toward its series finale

Chris Geere of ‘You’re the Worst’ Wednesday on FXX

Q: Does the fifth and final season of “You’re the Worst” feel like a natural continuation of what the show already has established for Jimmy and Gretchen’s relationship?

A: It seems like an amalgamation of everything they’ve learned over the four seasons before. I think this has been the most exciting one for me because it answers an awful lot of questions. Plus, you see their personal development — or lack thereof — all the time. It’s been a very wistful season, really, because we had our idea of how we wanted it to end and I think the fans did as well. And now that we know, let me just say we all cried when we found out.

Q: In general terms, are you satisfied with how the show leaves Jimmy?

A: I always open the script and go, “Come on, this is it. This is the time when he finally realizes he’s got to grow up in order to progress.” Every single time, even when we’re doing the big rehearsal we do before we actually shoot, I’m just going in my head, “How can he muck up again?” But that’s who he is.

He has made adjustments, and I enjoy playing those adjustments. He’s very different. We’ve done a scene where we mirror a scene from the pilot. He’s really grown … not as much as you’d want him to, but he really has, and those slight nuances have been really interesting to play.

Lennie James

Q: How tough is it to say goodbye to your “You’re the Worst” co-stars?

A: This season has been fun. There’s been a lot of the four of us together again, and that original dynamic — which I think people latched on to at the beginning — is seen again in this season. But I’m going to miss them all terribly.

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