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Q: I’ve been watching Chris Cuomo a lot lately. When did he join CNN? — Adam Stein, via e-mail

A: Previously a Fox News correspondent and then a reporter for ABC News (where he was the “Good Morning America” news anchor and a co-anchor of “20/20” for a time), Cuomo went to CNN in 2013, initially to co-anchor the morning program “New Day.” Five years later, he moved to the primetime hours there with the weeknight program “Cuomo Primetime,” on which he has hosted his brother — Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) — fairly frequently in recent times. Of course, their father Mario Cuomo was an earlier governor of New York. As those who watch CNN regularly know, Chris has been dealing with his own coronavirus bout lately.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

Q: When will “Supernatural” have its series finale? — Jennifer Elliott, Erie, Pa.

A: Though it had been scheduled for mid-May, that plan was dashed by the shutdown of The CW show’s production — the same situation experienced by any other series — due to the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, filming of the last episodes hadn’t even begun yet when Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and the rest of the “Supernatural” cast and crew were sent home.

The CW maintains that the show will get to finish its 15-season run, to the degree that the last new episodes that were completed before the shutdown were pulled from the broadcast schedule, being saved for whenever the series can return and build up again to the final story. In the meantime, for those who still need their “Supernatural” fix, repeats from its earlier seasons continue most weekdays on TNT.

Q: Will “A Million Little Things” be back this fall? — Megan Clark, via e-mail

A: At this writing, ABC hadn’t made an official order for a Season 3, though series creator and executive producer DJ Nash has said he was told by the network to go ahead with the cliffhanger that ended Season 2 recently. He also prepared an alternate ending, just in case it ended up being needed (which likely would have put a definitive conclusion on the drama, had that decision been made before the episode aired). That ending may end up being shown somewhere in the future, per Nash, possibly on a home-video release.

Q: Do the actors really do their own singing on “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”? — Casey Quinn, Kansas City, Mo.

A: That was pretty much a requirement for the principal cast members when they were signed for the NBC series. In most cases, it already was known that the performers had vocal gifts, since Skylar Astin displayed his in the “Pitch Perfect” movies and Peter Gallagher — who made his movie debut as a pop-music star in “The Idolmaker” some 40 years ago — is a veteran of such Broadway musicals as “Guys and Dolls” (which fellow “Zoey’s” regular Lauren Graham also did, in a separate revival) and “On the Twentieth Century.”

Also, Alex Newell was among the musically inclined cast members of “Glee” (which, interestingly, “Zoey’s” title star Jane Levy told us she never watched), and Mary Steenburgen has developed a second career beyond her Oscar-honored acting as a songwriter. Plus, John Clarence Stewart is a singer-songwriter who has done theater in New York and regionally.

Q: It seems like “The Bold Type” ended its season very early. When will it return? — Robin Sears, Youngstown, Ohio

A: Actually, it was only the spring finale of the Freeform show’s fourth season that was televised at the end of March. Several ads toward the end of that hour mentioned that the series would return this summer, though no specific date had been placed on that as of this writing.

Also at that time, “The Bold Type” hadn’t been renewed for a Season 5 yet. When we spoke with her about the episodes now in the process of being shown, Katie Stevens — whose character Jane is in the midst of a health-related cliffhanger — didn’t have a firm read on whether the drama would be picked up again, though she added that she feels it still has plenty of stories left to tell, also including whether Sutton (Meghann Fahy) can make her new bicoastal marriage work.

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