Chiara Aurelia endures a ‘Cruel Summer’ … or three, actually

Freeform mystery series probes a disappearance over several years

Chiara Aurelia of ‘Cruel Summer’ Tuesday on Freeform

Q: In “Cruel Summer,” your character Jeanette changes over the show’s three years that revolve around a missing-person investigation. How do you view her overall arc?  

A:  I think that each year kind of represents a different element of all of our lives … the darkness, the sadness, the youthfulness. Obviously, wardrobe and hair and makeup play a big part in it. And mentally, you kind of have to differentiate where you are and what you’re thinking and what’s going on. But I think it’s a lot in the mindset and just trying to understand her and what she’s going through over these three drastic years, and understanding how much people can change.

Q: Were you at all impacted by the psychological weight put on Jeanette as the show unfolds?

A: Well, I think that at least the people who know me know that I can be really silly and goofy and fun. And although I might be a little bit older than Jeanette in the first year, I like to enjoy that opportunity to not have any worries and to feel free, and free to not be scared to be who I am.

Q: You started your acting training at a very young age. How did that go for you at the start?

A: I always wanted to be an actress. I was that annoying 4- and 5-year-old girl who was like, “Mom, this is what I want to do with my life, please.” And my mom wasn’t specifically into it. She wanted me to wait until I was older and to go to “normal” school.

We moved back and forth between New Mexico and California for most of my childhood, and we kind of moved away from the industry — and it didn’t really seem like that was what I was going to do. And it just unfolded, and clearly, here I am.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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