‘Cheat’ – Why Katherine Kelly loved Cambridge

Katherine Kelly keeps it real in ‘Cheat’

Katherine Kelly of ‘Cheat,’ which streams its finale this week on Sundance Now

Q: How did you approach playing Leah Dale, a character whose life is crumbling around her?

umbles down relatively quickly but actually you see every single beat and you follow Leah pretty much all the way through this journey, from her almost idyllic life to actually … prison – you’re not sure whether it’s her or Rose (played by Molly Windsor). And you see those flash-forwards in the beginning of the first episode.

So I always just go back to the script … and try to make sure that my work is as detailed as the writer’s work and then also then the director’s work. Because, I mean, thrillers, there’s a heightedness to thrillers, so I think in the playing of it, it’s really important to do the opposite of that and make sure that your performance is completely authentic because otherwise it just goes in (the wrong direction). And the minute the audience doesn’t believe it … the minute the audience noticed, “No, this is ridiculous,” they’ll switch off and watch something else.

Q: Cambridge makes a nice backdrop to the story.

A: I do find it quite nice looking at all the English university settings because obviously Cambridge is a big sort of postcard, really, for the U.K. Cambridge is just north of London but it’s our big – you know, like Yale, I guess. Cambridge and Oxford are our two big universities. It’s obviously quite a thing to be there but in itself the town of Cambridge is just beautiful and we did shoot a lot of exteriors there so hopefully you’ll get a real feel of a place. It’s not London. (laughs)

George Dickie

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