Casey Wilson experiences more stock-market shenanigans on ‘Black Monday’

‘Saturday Night Live’ alum is married to Showtime series’ co-creator

Casey Wilson of ‘Black Monday’ Sunday on Showtime

Q: How do you find it to work with your husband, “Black Monday” co-creator and executive producer David Caspe?

A: I want to do anything he writes. I’m a writer myself, and I think it’s hard for an actor to be seen in a different light sometimes — and to get to play such an ’80s b—- in this, it’s a much different character from the one on “Happy Endings” (on which Wilson also worked with Caspe). I’m always selfishly like, “What have you got?,” when I read something of his.

Q: With your husband as one of the creators, how do you find it to be in on the inception of a show like “Black Monday”?

A: I didn’t do the heavy, heavy lifting of it, but writing a show takes so long, I’m obviously so proud. I also see all the work that they put into it. It’s been … how many years in the making? 14? Our children have suffered for this.

Q: Did you have any special requests for developing your character, jeans-company heiress Tiffany Georgina, in Season 2 of “Black Monday”?

A: I did want, this season, a Princess Diana/Nancy Reagan wig — and I felt like (the producers) were very supportive of that.

Q: In the aftermath of your leaving “Saturday Night Live,” on which you spent two seasons as a cast member, your careers as both actress and writer have been thriving. You must be very gratified by that.

A: I was not sure (how that would work out), so I appreciate it so much!

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