Cal’s dark past resurfaces in Season 3 of Hulu’s ‘The Path’

Cal faces dark past

Aaron Paul stars in “The Path,” which opens its third season Wednesday, Jan. 17, on Hulu.

As Season 3 of Hulu’s “The Path” gets underway this week, Cal comes face to face with demons from his past, a scenario that presented a tall order of challenges for the charismatic Meyerism leader’s portrayer, Hugh Dancy.

“There’s a real dive into some of the reason for what could make a person like him,” the British actor explains. “And for an actor, there’s nothing more nightmarish as a scenario than being presented suddenly with a whole load of information about a character than you didn’t previously have. But in this case, it seemed to be a real kind of missing jigsaw piece. What I’m taking about, because it comes up pretty quickly, is the specter of abuse in his childhood.

“And so what I was doing throughout the season was trying to imagine what it would be like for somebody who’s really only just realized this thing about their past that’s been buried so deep that they’ve turned away from it and what that might look like. And obviously it would not play out immediately.”

In the opener of the 13-episode season on Wednesday, Jan. 17, a miracle by Eddie (Aaron Paul) has gone viral, resulting in the exponential growth of Meyerism around the world. As the movement’s new leader, he wrestles with how best to grow it without becoming a cult leader.

Hugh Dancy stars in “The Path,” which opens its third season Wednesday, Jan. 17, on Hulu.

Sarah (Michelle Monaghan), meanwhile, begins to doubt her faith and starts looking outside the movement for answers, which could lead her to discover a deep secret about Meyerism.

As for Cal, he’s in self-exile down in Florida, having left the organization he’s known all his life. He’s embraced a new movement and preaching its virtues to anyone who will listen – and there aren’t many of them.

“(Cal is) living in a very weird, slightly sad situation and trying to get his own thing off the ground,” Dancy says. “So he’s pursuing this world of new opportunities, which look a lot like him when he was in the Meyerist Movement, except that now he’s preaching a more generic form of self-help to slightly sad groups of 12 people in hotel conference rooms, and basically failing to deal with the fact that he’s just left this movement that he’s been in for his entire life.

“And it’s really that that spurs Ð I suppose leaving that comfort zone is what allows that memory to crack open.”

George Dickie

George Dickie

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