Caitlin Thompson seeks ‘Christmas Perfection’ on Lifetime

‘This Is Us’ semi-regular headlines new holiday fantasy movie

Caitlin Thompson of ‘Christmas Perfection’ Sunday on Lifetime

Q: In the new movie “Christmas Perfection,” you play a woman who’s obsessive about making the holidays go right. Can you relate to that from your own experience?

A: Oh, yeah. I have a lot of similarities with this girl. I host Thanksgiving every year, so I was laughing to myself through this because I was like, ”This is me!” I’m a tornado when it comes to hosting people. I want everything to be organized and planned perfectly, and any wrench in my plan throws me off … so I felt like this could happen to me. Easily.

Q: On “This Is Us” – which your husband, Dan Fogelman, created and executive-produces – you play Madison, Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) therapy-group “frenemy.” Did you carry any elements of her into your “Christmas Perfection” role?

A: I feel like Madison has maybe more of a ditsy facet than I gave to this character, but they both have characteristics that come from a deep, real place … Madison with eating disorders, and (“Christmas Perfection’s”) Darcy with divorce in her family. They’re grounded in some kind of truth that manifests itself in different ways for each of them.

Lennie James

Q: Since your “This Is Us” work deals with down-to-earth issues, did you enjoy the fantasy aspect of an ideal Christmas village that “Christmas Perfection” puts forth?

A: Even just going to Ireland for this, I really felt transported. I had never been there, and the producer found such great locations, it just felt magical overall. I love horses, and they had horses and carriages, so everything fed into the world that they created. I really think that helped, being in another country to film this.

Jay Bobbin

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