‘Burden of Truth’ goes one last round

The CW's Kristin Kreuk drama starts its concluding season

Peter Mooney and Kristin Kreuk return as the fourth and final season of “Burden of Truth” starts its U.S. run Friday on The CW.

It’s “case closed” for Kristin Kreuk … almost.

A staple of The CW’s programming for two decades now, the “Smallville” and “Beauty and the Beast” alum already has said farewell to her latest series “Burden of Truth” in its native Canada, where it finished its run in March. The law drama typically has aired later in America, and its fourth and final round begins its CW telecasts Friday, July 30.

The last stanza finds Kreuk’s attorney character Joanna adjusting to being a mom as she and her personal and professional partner Billy (Peter Mooney) try to balance parenthood with their latest case, involving mining plans that pose problems for Millwood residents. At the same time, Joanna finds herself under criminal investigation for some past practices. Anwen O’Driscoll, of the recent Lifetime movie “Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story,” continues among co-stars.

Peter Mooney and Kristin Kreuk return as the fourth and final season of “Burden of Truth” starts its U.S. run Friday on The CW.

“I honestly had no clue” that “Burden of Truth” would get a Season 4, Kreuk allows, since Season 3’s ending could have wrapped up the show there seamlessly. “I didn’t think about it too much, but I’m excited that we got to portray Joanna as a mother. I think that concluding where we did, showing how she was able to take the trauma of her life and transform it while raising somebody else, was really important for our story.”

Kreuk notes Joanna and Billy are “constantly being challenged by their circumstances. There are the people they want to be, and they aren’t always those people, so they’re forced to challenge their idea of who they should be and adjust those expectations.”

Equally important was to come up with another case that could stretch across eight episodes. “In Season 1, Millwood lost its main income source, and that has continued,” explains Kreuk. “And this mining company is essentially saying, ‘We can bring jobs and ensure that people are taken care of.’ That’s really appealing for a lot of those in the town, but Joanna develops a relationship with this woman who’s being bullied for her land. She wants her client to settle, but she also wants to protect her.”

Also an executive producer of “Burden of Truth,” Kreuk is finishing the college studies she’s worked around her career. However, she’s already taken her next acting job, since she’ll appear in an Amazon series based on novelist Lee Child’s Jack Reacher character that also has fueled two Tom Cruise movies. (Alan Ritchson, who was Aquaman on “Smallville” while Kreuk was its Lana Lang, has the Reacher part.)

For now, Kreuk is satisfied that “Burden of Truth” comes full-circle. “There’s this whole confronting the demons of your past,” she reflects, “that’s very much at the forefront of this whole season.”

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