‘Bulletproof’ goes to South Africa for a short third season

Ashley Walters, Noel Clarke return as British police pals

Ashley Walters (left) and Noel Clarke star in the Season 3 premiere of “Bulletproof” Monday on The CW.

Three episodes are better than none, the makers of “Bulletproof” reason.

That’s why Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters — stars, co-creators and executive producers of the fast-paced, British-made action series — offer an abbreviated Season 3 over three consecutive Mondays, starting March 15, on The CW. Filmed on location just before the coronavirus pandemic began, the story takes police partners Bishop and Pike to South Africa, where they intend to relax … but a kidnapping soon makes them more than casual observers, to local officials’ chagrin.

“Noel and I have always had this idea that every season, we should take Bishop and Pike out of their comfort zone,” Walters confirms, “so it’s always nice to see them in places they’re unfamiliar with. It makes for more comedy and stress.”

Walters had worked in South Africa previously, but he admits making the latest “Bulletproof” season there “wasn’t our initial idea. We were looking at other places, like Japan, but the powers that be felt it would be too hard to film in some of the places we desired. We ended up being given options, and South Africa was one of them.

“I’m a big fan of South Africa, but Noel had reservations,” adds Walters, “because of the history of the country, with apartheid and racial issues and all. But once we arrived and settled in, we had the most amazing time. I’m glad we got to have that experience before we came home to news of the pandemic. It’s a brilliant memory for us.”

Ashley Walters stars in the Season 3 premiere of “Bulletproof” Monday on The CW.

Currently filming the fourth season of Netflix’s “Top Boy,” Walters notes he’s “to blame” for Season 3 of “Bulletproof” being so short, due to his commitment to the other show. However, originating British network Sky has ordered a fourth “Bulletproof” season — and though The CW hadn’t committed to carry it at press time, that would seem likely. Not only will Walters and Clarke star again, they’ll also write and/or direct some episodes.

Working on “Top Boy” during the pandemic has given Walters a huge education in filming under new protocols: “A lot of people are suffering, so I have to be thankful that I can still do what I love. When the pandemic originally hit and everything shut down, I was quite depressed about it. We’re just glad that things are slightly up and running again.”

As a rap artist, Walters also is working on new music under his alias Asher D. “I signed quite a big publishing deal with Warner Chappell,” he reports, “so I’ve been writing a lot and working with a lot of producers. I’m waiting for the right moment, and we’ll hopefully see something toward the end of this year.”

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