‘Build Me Up’ – How Orlando Soria works through the shutdown

Soria finds efficiencies during quarantine

Orlando Soria of ‘Build Me Up’ Wednesday on HGTV

Q: How has your business fared with the return of the shutdown in Southern California?

A: You know, it’s been very interesting. At first it was a little bit of a question mark as to what was going to happen but somehow I managed to stay pretty busy. So it’s been good. It’s a little scary, obviously, because everything is kind of an unknown but so far it’s going OK. So I’m thankful.

Q: Do you have to make sure the house is wiped down and free of disease when you’re done with a job?

A: Well, most of the show was filmed pre-quarantine and so there was one episode basically that we shot during the quarantine, just basically the last parts of it. And that was really interesting because we were all kind of social distancing, we were wearing masks when we weren’t being filmed. We were not standing that close to each other. The cameraman was further away than he normally might have been, and then we kind of had like a skeleton crew, so that was definitely interesting.

I have been, when I’m working with private clients in real life, just doing so much more virtual stuff, so much more Zoom meetings, so many more phone calls and it’s a lot less physically hands-on. I’m still very involved but it’s a lot less on-site than it normally would be.

Q: Doing things virtually can be almost as rigorous as in person.

A: The good thing is that it’s really cutting down on travel time. It helps me be a lot more efficient with my own time. And so while I am excited to kind of like get back into people’s faces and to see them more in person to kind of figure out what needs to happen in there, it’s been working pretty well to work from home. And so, so far so good.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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