British police partners stay ‘Bulletproof’ in CW series’ Season 2

Action-driven import is airing its second season on The CW

Ashley Walters (left) and Noel Clarke star in “Bulletproof,” airing its second season Wednesdays on The CW.

What worked for Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, and for Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, is working now for two British actors.

Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters not only play spirited police partners in “Bulletproof,” they also co-created the action series and are among its executive producers and writers. A hit for the Sky One pay channel in its native England, it was brought to America by The CW, where its second season is airing Wednesdays … following loose cannon Bishop (Clarke) and family man Pike (Walters) as they try to take down a crime family from within.

A BAFTA rising-star award winner early in his career, “Doctor Who” alum Clarke notes the big action sequences “Bulletproof” stages — with at least one per episode — are “not traditional for British cop shows, which is what I think is one of the reasons it’s also done so well in America. TV is so global now, you have to think that way, and I think Season 2 is a big step up.”

Noel Clarke stars in “Bulletproof,” airing its second season Wednesdays on The CW.

Also a rap-music star under the name Asher D, Walters reasons that the “Bulletproof” cast and crew have “been able to help push things forward and show people that a show like this will work over here (in England). Being a part of it from its inception years ago, to see it doing so well around the world is an amazing feeling.”

Nick Love, a frequent writer and director on “Bulletproof,” is the buddy-cop show’s other creator. He updated the classic British police series “The Sweeney” for a 2012 movie version, but Clarke maintains “Bulletproof” twists the law-and-order genre in a way that’s unique for England’s entertainment industry. “In terms of what is done on The CW,” he reflects, “for a British show that doesn’t have American names in it to go on and do as well as it did (in its first season), it’s an amazing feat. I’m very happy about it.”

What Clarke and Walters call a “Season 2.5” of “Bulletproof,” a miniseries that takes their characters to South Africa, completed filming just before the coronavirus pandemic halted television and movie production globally. Sky One is expected to show that later this year, and while it remains to be seen whether The CW picks that up, the “Bulletproof” stars are hopeful about a full Season 3.

Scheduling its filming could prove tricky, though, also because Walters has another series commitment. He’s still working on his music as well, and he says he’s content to let fate take its course: “It usually works out well, though with the current situation, things have been pushed back a lot. I’m just grateful to be working, whichever way it goes.”

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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