Brian Austin Green tries to unmask ‘The Masked Dancer’

‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ alum is on Fox contest’s panel

Brian Austin Green of ‘The Masked Dancer’ Wednesday on Fox

Q: You were “The Giraffe” on “The Masked Singer.” How much does that factor into your gauging how others perform on “The Masked Dancer”?

A: On “Singer,” it was hard because there was such a limited range of motion within those costumes, and I think they’ve solved that a lot on this show. The costumes seem a lot more streamlined and a lot slimmer and easier to move in. The field of view, the sort of little window that you have to look through, definitely makes it difficult … but I think it’s fun, because it’s such a different experience for people to be in something that seems like it would be as tough as that is.

Then you do it, and you finish the process, and you really feel like you accomplished something — like you made it through something. But yeah, doing what these people do in costumes is amazing when they are competing the way they are.

Q: How do you compare the experiences of being on “The Masked Singer” and “The Masked Dancer”?

A:  I’m not super-confident in myself as a singer that way, so if I could have done a show (at the time) like “Dancer” — where I could have been much more anonymous — I would have. I think that’s a really cool thing that we offer to people that are in the costumes, this complete anonymity. It’s something that they haven’t gotten in quite a long time, possibly, so that’s probably the most fun experience.

You spend so much time worrying about being judged and all of that, especially on this show (“The Masked Dancer”), you are not until you are unmasked. We are not there for that purpose. We are there to have fun, and to entertain people, and for it to be fun and light.

Jay Bobbin

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