Brec Bassinger stays in shape for ‘DC’s Stargirl’

DC Universe and CW series requires title star to
get physical

Brec Bassinger of ‘DC’s Stargirl’ Monday on DC Universe and Tuesday on The CW

Q: Since “DC’s Stargirl” is derived from DC Comics, do you think a prior knowledge of the character is necessary in watching the series?

A: One of the first times I watched it, I watched with my family, and none of them have a background in comic books. And the fact that all of them understood it and knew what was going on … I got excited. You don’t have to read comics to enjoy the show.

Q: “DC’s Stargirl” is so physical for you that, though you have backgrounds in cheerleading and gymnastics, how do you manage your regimen to keep in shape for all that you have to do in the series?

A: Fortunately, I love working out. Right before we started this, I’d do two workouts a day; I’d do cardio, then I also started doing kickboxing. Once we started production, I’d work a 17-hour day, so I didn’t really want to go home and work out after that. … but I felt I was in such good shape before it, I was able to retain enough throughout the season.

Q: You’re working with two acting veterans in “DC’s Stargirl” co-stars Luke Wilson and Amy Smart. How have you found them to be?

A: I love them. They’re so awesome, both on- and off-screen. It’s really cool to watch my relationship with Luke throughout the season as it evolves; we’re both from Texas, so we kind of bonded over that. We hadn’t known each other before, but by the end of (filming) the season, we were just so close that if I had a scene with Luke, I knew it was going to work. It was just cool to have that.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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