Bowl Games

Bowl Games

by | Dec 29, 2016

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1) What is the oldest college football bowl game?

2) What team won that game?

3) In 1942, the Rose Bowl was played in Durham, N.C. Why?

4) The Cotton Bowl has been played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas since 1938. In what facility was it played in its 1937 debut?

5) What team owns the most consensus national championships since the Associated Press poll began in 1936?

6) What season was the Bowl Championship Series instituted?

7) Who is the only coach to lead his team to victory in the Rose, Orange, Sugar and Cotton Bowls?

8) In what season was the College Football Playoff instituted?

9) Who won the first College Football Playoff and thus the NCAA championship

10) What team won the NCAA championship last year?


1) The Rose Bowl, inaugurated in 1902

2) Michigan, shutting out Stanford, 49-0

3) Wartime restrictions due to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor less than a month earlier

4) Fair Park Stadium in Dallas

5) Alabama, with nine

6) 1998-99 season

7) Joe Paterno of Penn State

8) 2014-15 season

9) The Ohio State Buckeyes

10) The Alabama Crimson Tide




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