Bob Odenkirk a fan of film noir

Bob Odenkirk

Q: You recently wrote and starred in a movie on Netflix called “Girlfriend’s Day.” How was that experience?

A: It’s kind of an offbeat thing that was more derivative or drawn from my “Mr. Show” comedy experiences. One of the writers from this show wrote the original draft, Eric Hoffman … and I’m really proud of it and certainly anybody who’s liked the comedy that I’ve done will like it. And if you like noir films, a fan of those old movies, it is one.

Q: The release calls it a “comedy noir.”

A: Yes, not often made – “Big Lebowski.” There aren’t too many of them.

Q: Did you have Netflix in mind when you made it?

A: No. In fact, Netflix didn’t exist when we first wrote it. It’s been sitting around for like 13 years and been rewritten on and off over the years. No, but what happened, it was a movie that never fit in any distribution scheme. It’s 65 minutes long like a lot of old noir films from the ’40s, so it’s not like the length of a modern movie. It’s more like film noir. It’s a comedy but we play it straight. It’s just really offbeat so we never really tried to get it made.

But when Netflix came along, here’s this outlet that can get us in touch with people who love noir and (will) play a film that isn’t 80 minutes. And just everything about it, it is just perfect for Netflix. And Netflix loved it, too, by the way. They thought it was great, too, because there is no other place for that kind of offbeat little film.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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