Billy Porter strikes a final ‘Pose’

Primetime Emmy winner appears in FX series' last episode

Billy Porter of ‘Pose’ Sunday on FX

Q: As it ends its three-season run, to what do you credit the impact that ”Pose” has had?

A: It’s the brilliance of our creators, who really are observers of real life. And one of the things that I think happened rather quickly is that they were able to pinpoint every one of our strengths, the character’s strength as well as the actor’s strength. Ryan (executive producer Murphy) said, “What do you want to say?”

The manifestation of speaking life into yourself, speaking what you want, speaking what you need into the universe — it comes back in this way, so, it’s very powerful. It’s very emotional.

Q: “Pose” has been such a unique series, certainly in how it has serviced its actors, what has it meant to you in terms of other work that you might pursue after it?

A: I got into this business in the ‘80s. There was never, ever a space in my brain to dream of what “Pose” is. I spent the first 25-plus years of my career trying to fit into a masculinity construct that society placed on us, so I could eat. “Pose” really taught me to dream the impossible.

One of the things that I love so much about this creative team is that they have taught us all through this experience “how to fish.” Remember that old saying, “You don’t give somebody the food, you teach them how to fish so they can do it for themselves”? That’s the gift of being in this space, that we’ve all now been empowered to go out and continue. I’m going to steal, recently from Vice President (Kamala) Harris: We may be the first, but we’re definitely not going to be the last.

Q: What is the main lesson that you take, and share from making “Pose”?

A: To be empowered inside of yourself. Even when everything and everybody around you says the opposite, do it anyway, and dream the impossible.

Jay Bobbin

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