‘Big Little Lies’ – Furthering the #MeToo conversation

Witherspoon relishes executive producer role

Reese Witherspoon of ‘Big Little Lies’ Sunday on HBO

Q: You being an executive producer, does this ever create a unique dynamic on set, or is it irrelevant to your work as an actor?

A: Oh, certainly. I get very concerned about logistics and schedules and wanting to accommodate people and help people and help facilitate their ideas. And I think more than anything, the fun part of being a producer is just getting to kind of dig in with everybody about what they wanted out of the experience …

Q: The timing of the first season couldn’t have been more appropriate. What kind of role do you think that first season played in terms of furthering a conversation this country needed to have and how much do you think that contributed to the success of it?

A: We had no idea there was going to be that kind of public response to this show, that it was going to converge with this moment of women, sensing their need to be leaders and step up and talk about their experiences with strength and with encouragement from other women. And I do think that is part of the reason that we felt like a Season 2 was not just a great experience for us to get back, but to talk about, now what, you know? We’ve talked about trauma, we’ve experienced trauma, we see each other’s trauma, but how do we cope with it? And how do we go on and how do we carry on? So that was a big theme that we explored in Season 2.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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