Betsy Brandt helps pick up ‘Life in Pieces’ again

Multiple-story-telling CBS comedy starts Season 4

Betsy Brandt of ‘Life in Pieces’ Thursday on CBS

Q:  As “Life in Pieces” starts its fourth season, does its several-stories-per-half-hour format still satisfy you?

A: You want to be economical, because you only have so many minutes to tell the beginning, middle and end of whatever story you’re doing. I’m always so satisfied when I watch it – I’m like, ”It’s over already?” – and I think that’s what you want, especially with a comedy.

That half-hour just zips by you, but even in the quiet moments, there’s so much happening. And the show has those moments, too, and I think that’s what makes it a little bit different … especially for a broadcast-network comedy. It can be broad and crazy and funny, but it also has really grounded moments that, just as a viewer, I think helps the show go the distance. I want to know what happens to these people.

Q: What do you think about the future for “Life in Pieces”?

A: In this business, I don’t count my chickens until I’m having egg drop soup, but I can’t even stomach thinking about this show not going a few more years. It’s a really, really fantastic group.

Q: “Breaking Bad” is such a unique program in television history, how do you reflect on also having had that acting experience?

A: I loved playing Marie, and I still miss her and love her, but I didn’t want to keep playing her with different names. A lot of times, people have the reaction, ”Oh, do that on my show, too!”

I had never played a character who was anything like her, and I loved her great and not-so-great qualities and I embraced them all, but I felt like I did that. And I was really happy with where she got to at the end of the show.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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