Bethany Joy Lenz enjoys a ‘Five Star Christmas’

‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘Pearson’ alum stars in new holiday movie

Bethany Joy Lenz of ‘Five Star Christmas’ Friday on Hallmark Channel

Q: “Five Star Christmas,” casting you as a woman who tries to save her father’s bed-and-breakfast by securing him a good review, is the latest of the holiday movies you’ve done. What appealed to you about this one?

A: It was brought to me a couple of years ago, and sometimes, it takes time to get something made. I just loved the idea of a big-ensemble family comedy. Some of my favorites like that are “The Family Stone” and “Dan in Real Life,” and “The Proposal” also has some big family scenes. Usually, I do romance-focused two-person stories, so I was really excited to be part of an ensemble.

Q: Your leading man in “Five Star Christmas,” Victor Webster, is the significant other of Shantel VanSanten … who played your sister on “One Tree Hill.” How did that go?

A: He’s great, and Shantel and I are super-close. I don’t know how to explain it … you just treat each other with the respect that you would any of your friends’ partners or spouses. You stay in the moment, and it wasn’t awkward for us.

Q: How did the filming of “Five Star Christmas “ go for you, given pandemic considerations?

A: I was really grateful to go back to work, but it was strange for me. Right when we arrived in Canada to go into quarantine, my oldest dog passed away within hours of our landing, so it was really rough. My daughter was with me landing, so we just kind of walked through that — and by the time we started coming out of the grief, production was in full swing.

I’m glad that I had those two weeks in quarantine with nothing else to do but grieve. I think that really helped, then getting back on the set felt really good. None of us had worked since February or March, and that’s a long time. I was just really grateful to be back doing what I do.

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