Besties Kate and Michael are put to the test in Season 2 of ‘This Close’

‘This Close’ – Kate and Michael are working on it

Shoshannah Stern stars in “This Close,” which returns for its second season Thursday on SundanceTV.

Secrets, as we all know, can be relationship killers — which Michael comes to learn the hard way at the outset of Season 2 of “This Close.”

Premiering Thursday, Sept. 12, on SundanceTV, the eight-episode sophomore round of this dramedy picks up immediately after the events of the Season 1 finale, with Michael (Josh Feldman) being rushed to the hospital after having been hit by a car while chasing after best friend Kate (Shoshannah Stern), who had just let him have it for keeping from her the fact that her fiance Danny (Zach Gilford) had lost his job.

So in Season 2, it’s about reconciliation and rebooting the friendship, though the past seems to keep getting in the way as old flames and distant parents resurface.

“Season 2 is a little bit of a mirror to Season 1 in a way,” Stern explained to a recent gathering gathering of journalists in Beverly Hills, Calif. “I think that (after) a lot of the things that are happening within their friendship in the first season, you see a bit of a role reversal in Season 2 … depending on who’s keeping secrets, who’s keeping secrets from themselves and from each other, who will step up in a time of need. Yeah.”

The second season also brings in a slew of guest stars including Marcia Cross (“Desperate Housewives”), Camryn Manheim (“The Practice”), Steven Weber (“13 Reasons Why”), Lisa Rinna (“Days of our Lives”), Margaret Cho (“Bright”) and Austin Nichols (“The Walking Dead”), who will join returnees Gilford, Cheryl Hines, Marlee Matlin, Colt Prattes and Moshe Kasher.

Nichols, who plays Kate’s first love, took on the task of learning sign language for his scenes with hard-of-hearing actors Stern and Goldman (who are also the series’ creators, writers and executive producers), which he says was a “fun and challenging” experience.

“It can be scary enough being an actor and walking onto a new show,” he explains, “and to add that element was really scary … also because Shep, his character, is someone who signs. And I think part of why Kate liked and loved him was because he was sort of loving and good in that way in speaking her language. And so, I really was scared that I wasn’t going to be able to do that very well. And I really wanted to give a lot of time and love to signing. And it was really hard, but I hope that it works out OK.”

George Dickie

George Dickie

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