‘Batwoman’ begins her crusade for justice on The CW

Heroine tries to protect a crime-ridden Gotham

Ruby Rose stars in “Batwoman,” premiering Sunday on The CW.

Gotham’s latest television defender is ready for action.

The CW actually introduced Kate Kane, alias Batwoman, in last year’s crossover story that united several DC Comics-inspired shows. Now she gets her own series as Ruby Rose (“Orange Is the New Black”) reprises the role in “Batwoman,” premiering Sunday, Oct. 6 —making for a night of very literal female empowerment by being paired with the continuing “Supergirl.”

With Batman absent, crime is rampant in Gotham, and Kate’s private-security-operator father Jacob (Dougray Scott) and his team can only do so much after villains have dismantled Gotham City’s formal police force. Enter Kate, Bruce Wayne’s cousin and a born rebel who seeks her ex-girlfriend, security officer Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy) … kidnapped by a vicious gang led by the dangerously unstable Alice (Rachel Skarsten, making a return to the DC world after playing Dinah Lance on “Birds of Prey”). Nicole Kang and Camrus Johnson also star as Kate’s main allies in battling evil.

Dougray Scott and Ruby Rose star in “Batwoman,” premiering Sunday on The CW.

Rose notes that her association with “Batwoman” began with her first meetings with executive producers Sarah Schechter and Caroline Dries, “just to talk about whether I’d be interested in the show. They explained what the story would look like and the arc, and essentially what the season would look like ‑‑ although it’s very different now. And it was amazing. I was very interested and sort of thought, ‘Yeah, that went really well. And then they were like, ‘Now you have to do 12 auditions.’ And I was like, ‘Wait. Hold on. I thought that meeting went really well.’ But auditioning for it, I felt like it was a perfect fit.”

The Batwoman costume was designed by four-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood (“Alice in Wonderland,” “Chicago”), and Rose says wearing it is “just a magical feeling. It’s not like when you dress up for Halloween and put something on. This thing, within an inch of its life, just fits me like a glove. Every single part of it has been designed for my body; it moves with me and I move with it, and it feels like a second skin for the most part. You feel the transformation, unlike any costume I’ve ever put on in any role in my life. It’s just very difficult to pee in.”

“Batwoman’s” place in The CW lineup already is cemented by its inclusion in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” the next multiple-DC-series story that will begin over three consecutive nights in December (and conclude on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” in January). “I love seeing that iconic moment of Batwoman and Supergirl,” Rose recalls of her first crossover. “It just was really amazing, and I do believe that there will be more of that.”

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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