‘Barkskins’ – Why Marcia Gay Harden loves Quebec City

Marcia Gay Harden on her favorite filming locations

Marcia Gay Harden of ‘Barkskins’ Monday on National Geographic

Q: How did you like staying in Quebec City while filming “Barkskins”?

A: It was very provincial and very beautiful. The fort is amazing. I was near the museum so that was really lovely. I would go in quite often to the museum down near the water. There’s lots of walking and it’s just beautiful. And of course, I got to try my French, which some people were open to (laughs) and some people were not. Like you could say a word that would mean exactly the same thing in English and they would be like, “Ne comprends pas.” I just don’t understand. I think (they) understood. But for the most part, I found it really beautiful. It’s got exquisite, exquisite restaurants and I loved being up there. I love to travel. I am a big travel fiend, I just love it.

So that’s part of the allure and part of the wonderful thing about being an actor, is you really do get to be immersed in different locations, different cultures, different timelines, different people’s bodies. You get to be immersed in all of that and it’s such a gorgeous way to learn and to kind of understand the beautiful facets of life.

Q: What has been your favorite filming location?

A: I do think Rome is definitely one of them. I loved this location for the nature and the beauty and the hikes. I loved Vancouver for the same thing. Oh, come on – the South of France. I did a Woody Allen film in the South of France and I was up in the mountains. We stayed at a place that the Knights of the Templar had stayed at, it was just like, “Really? People live like this?” … Gorgeous, really beautiful.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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