Bakers flex their creative muscles on ‘Girl Scout Cookie Championship’

Bakers flex their creative muscles on ‘Girl Scout
Cookie Championship’

Alyson Hannigan

As a child, Alyson Hannigan did not have a happy experience selling Girl Scout Cookies. But that never dimmed her love of the iconic confections nor discourage her from hosting Food Network’s recently premiered competition series “Girl Scout Cooking Championship.”

“I did not represent them very well …,” the “How I Met Your Mother” actress admits of her salesmanship, which was hampered when she lost the list of customers who bought cookies from her.

“So when the Girl Scout cookies arrived, we couldn’t find the list and then I had to go to every neighbor and say, ‘I’m so sorry. I lost the list. Could you tell me what cookies you ordered?’ … (My mother) found the list, many years later, but that was pretty traumatic for me, and so that was the end of my Girl Scout Cookies.”

Airing Mondays, the series challenges five accomplished bakers to transform the cookies into edible works of art, to be evaluated by Hannigan, judges Nacho Aguirre, Katie Lee and a rotating third panelist, as well as other tasters. The winner gets an outdoor adventure and a year’s supply of Girl Scout Cookies.

Each episode also takes viewers behind the scenes for an up-close look at how the popular treats are made.

The creations prepared on the show exemplify outside-the-box thinking, ranging from a giant double-barrel marshmallow cake made with Girl Scout S’mores and a 10-layer Do-si-do/peanut butter red velvet globe cake to a Thin Mints-incorporated blueberry mint glacier cake.

For his part, Aguirre was impressed.

“If you see the flavors they incorporated, the flavors in the creations and they made amazing stuff with it,” the San Antonio-based pastry chef and chocolatier says. “I mean, you should never imagine that mixing coconut, caramel into a cake and then adding the actual Girl Scout Cookie turned out to be as delicious as it was.  We were very amazed with the creativity of those bakers.”

“It was so creative and so inspiring,” Hannigan adds, “and I also think that the Girl Scout Cookie is just the perfect cookie anyway. So, I’m like, how can you make it better? And then, I mean the things that they came up with. And then the decorator in me was just thrilled because they are so creative and just — my mouth was just open and drooling most of the time.”

George Dickie

George Dickie

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