‘Baker’s Dozen’ – A pastry chef for two presidents tells of their desserts

Why President Obama loved Bill Yosses' pies

Bill Yosses of ‘Baker’s Dozen’ on Hulu

Q: As the White House executive pastry chef, you oversaw the desserts for two presidential administrations. What were the preferences of the Bushes and the Obamas?

A: I would say for President George W. Bush, I don’t think he met a dessert he didn’t like. He really loved his sweets and he used to blame me for having to work out so much, which he did, mountain-biking and all that. And President Barack Obama was very specific. Right from the beginning, he said, “I only like pie. I like every kind of pie. But only pie.” (Laughs) And so when it came to serving him, it was funny but he really liked the pies. I mean, it was like he could talk about it, like the crust and the flakiness, the filling. He really loved his pies.

So obviously, we in the pastry department really upped our game and we made lots of pies. Lots of other things, too, because when you work in the White House, you’re also chef for the guests of the families so we had a full repertoire. But when it came to the family themselves, pie was it.

Q: President Obama gave you high praise, calling you “the crust master.”

A: Yes, that’s right. He really loved the pies, called me “the crust master,” which is I think one of the – I mean, that’s got to be the greatest title a pastry chef could hope for, so I’m very pleased with that.

It’s the trained vs. the self-taught in Hulu’s ‘Baker’s Dozen’

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