Ayo Edebiri help establish ‘The Premise’

Actress-comedian stars in premiere of FX on Hulu anthology

Ayo Edebiri of ‘The Premise’ Thursday on FX on Hulu

Q: As a star of the premiere of filmmaker B.J. Novak’s anthology series “The Premise” — which casts you and Tracee Ellis Ross as lawyers who deal with a tape that turns out to be something other than it first seems — what was the appeal for you in doing just one episode?

A: The writing and the script. I come from a comedy background and a writing background, so I was like, “What? Are you sure? Huh? Why? OK. Cool.”

It just was so exciting to get the opportunity to work with people who I think are so incredible and talented and geniuses, basically every single one of them, and to work with a script that deals with comedy and drama and these real topics in such a nuanced, kind of tricky way. That challenge was also really exciting to get the opportunity to face. That sounds very dramatic now that I’ve reached the end of the sentence, but … yeah.

Q: Between filming scenes, was there a lot of discussion about what your episode of “The Premise” deals with?

A: There was a lot, and it was very cathartic, I think. I remember after we had our first Zoom table read, we took a beat, and we all just sort of talked about our feelings about the episode from (the standpoints of) us as people and then our characters.

That spirit of just, “Hey, wait a minute, would I say this or could I say this in a different way?” — those conversations kept happening throughout the filming process as well. It felt good and cool and exciting, especially because the topics around that episode specifically are so close and so emotional in a lot of ways, so it was nice to have that open line of communication constantly there.

Q: With the times we’re in, have you been reflecting more on social issues anyway?

A: I definitely find myself performing in so many ways, especially online, I think it’s hard not to when there’s a social issue and you are like, “Oh, I actually always knew about this. I always cared about it, and that’s why I’m posting about it nonstop.” But these reactions, I think we instinctively show (them) because we want to be good people.

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