It’s the ‘Season for Love’ for Autumn Reeser on Hallmark Channel

Autumn Reeser gets cooking in ‘Season for Love’

Autumn Reeser of ‘Season for Love’ Saturday on Hallmark Channel

Q: Since your character in “Season for Love” returns to her hometown and competes in a barbecue contest, do you like barbecued food yourself?

A: Nope! Here’s the thing: I love grilling, and I’m very comfortable in a kitchen. This is the first cooking movie I’ve done, and it was much more of a challenge than I was expecting. With the miniscule amount of time that we had to shoot the movie, the specificity required was unbelievably difficult.

You’re trying to keep all these steps in your head that you have to learn right in that moment, plus you have to say your lines and be in the right emotional state for your character. I had to learn to make brisket – and I’m sure that at some point during this movie, some viewer is going to say, “Well, that’s not how you do it!” So, please be kind. I had, like, three days to prepare for this.

Q: This is your seventh film for Hallmark Channel, so you’re clearly comfortable with the type of movie it makes. What would you define that as?

A: Light romantic drama. I think part of the reason Hallmark has been growing so much is that the world is so chaotic and unstable right now, people know they can turn on Hallmark and escape from that … and find something happy, something to make them feel good about life again.

I’m passionate about creating uplifting content, and that’s what Hallmark does. I was just in Costa Rica, and this woman stopped me at the airport and said, “I watch all of your Hallmark movies.” They have fans all over the world. A lot of people will contact me on social media whenever one of my movies airs, so I’m always aware.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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