Audra McDonald takes up ‘The Good Fight’ again

Six-time Tony Award winner returns in her CBS All Access role

Audra McDonald of ‘The Good Fight’ Thursday on CBS All Access

Q: With Season 4 of “The Good Fight” starting, do you get much of an advance indication of where your character is going?

A: One never knows with Robert and Michelle (King, the show’s co-creators and executive producers). Every time a script comes down, we’re all scrambling to read it as quickly as possible, because we just never know where the plot’s going … which makes it exciting for us.

Q: Given your successful stage career, is it the expected joy for you that you get to get musical on “The Good Fight” on occasion?

A: Well, any time you can get a chance to sort of explore another little facet of your character, another little nugget that makes up who (that person is), it’s illuminating. And I think the wonderful thing that Robert and Michelle have done with this show is, maybe you could say this is a legal procedural, but you really can’t because it’s not just a drama. It’s not just a comedy. It’s not just satire.

It’s also hyperrealistic, and then sometimes, it goes into this sort of supernatural (area). It’s everything. And they continue to push the boundaries of what the show can be, so with that, we are allowed to continue to sort of grow and expand. Also, because we are on CBS All Access, there’s kind of no limit in terms of how we choose to tell the story — or how Robert and Michelle choose to tell the story, because we’re being given that freedom to do so.

Q: You’ve had a variety of guest stars playing judges. Do any stand out for you in particular?

A: Chris Sullivan (“This Is Us”). It was very difficult to keep straight faces in working with him. He was so much fun, and he just walked that fine line too. It wasn’t buffoonish, what he was doing, but it was just enough. I thought he was brilliant.

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