Aubrey Dollar cashes in on being ‘Filthy Rich’

Aubrey Dollar

Aubrey Dollar believes it’s not bad to be “Filthy Rich.”

The “Women’s Murder Club” and “Battle Creek“ alum returned to series work in Fox’s Monday saga (canceled late last week, but its remaining episodes will continue to air) of Southern relatives shaken to discover that their recently deceased patriarch secretly had three illegitimate children … who have claims on the family fortune, to others’ dismay. It’s ironic that a show largely about money features an actress named Dollar, who plays Rose Monreaux, an aspiring fashion designer pursuing her own identity away from her domineering mother (Kim Cattrall).

The friendly Dollar reasons that “Filthy Rich” creator and executive producer Tate Taylor (“The Help”) “writes women who have a lot of contradictory things inside of them. I am Southern, and it’s really fun for me to get to sort of tap into my roots in that way.

“I think Rose is very caught between being the good Southern woman that her mother wants her to be, and (being) a wild creative artist (who) lives somewhere deep inside of her,” notes Dollar. “I think having these new siblings brought into her life kind of makes her wrestle with which of those hats to wear.”

Having become a mother since her previous series, CBS’ “Battle Creek,” Dollar reflects that “it does feel like this is the right moment” for her to undertake such work again. “My son is old enough. Being apart from him was really hard for me, but my mom was with me down there watching him (while “Filthy Rich,” held by Fox from last season, was in production in New Orleans), so I think the timing has been really magical in a lot of ways.”

Birthdate: Sept. 23, 1980

Birthplace: Raleigh, N.C.

Current residence: Los Angeles

Marital status: Married to actor-writer-producer Lucas Kavner; they have a son

Other television credits include: “Battle Creek,” “Happy Valley,” “666 Park Avenue,” “Weeds,” “Blue Bloods,” “Person of Interest,” “The Good Wife,” “Ugly Betty,” “Cupid,” “Women’s Murder Club,” “Point Pleasant,” “Guiding Light,” “Trapped: Buried Alive,” “The Education of Max Bickford,” “Going to Caifornia,” “Amy & Isabelle,” “Dawson’s Creek,” “American Gothic,” “Murderous Intent”

Movie credits include: “One Small Hitch,” “See Girl Run,” “The Best Man for the Job,” “Hard Luck,” “Save the Last Dance 2,” “Failure to Launch,” “Backseat,” “Prime,” “The Perfect You,” “Other Voices, Other Rooms,” “Heavyweights,” “Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice”

Jay Bobbin

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