Asia Kate Dillon continues to bask in ‘Billions’

Showtime drama series has resumed its fifth season

Asia Kate Dillon of ‘Billions’ Sunday on Showtime

Q: Taylor Mason is such a precise and distinctive character, on “Billions” or anywhere else on television, how much ownership do you feel toward the role?

A: From the moment that I was cast to the first table read I was a part of to the first time I was on the set, “Billions” always has felt collaborative. Brian (Koppelman) and David (Levien), the co-creators of the show, had an idea of the character and brought their half of the vision. Then, the job they trust me to do is to bring the other half.

I just feel very lucky and very grateful. “Billions” has set the highest standard of excellence of what a show can be, for the work itself and for the people I’m working with.

Q: Do you get a lot of direct feedback from viewers about your work on “Billions”?

A: The first couple of seasons that Taylor appeared on the show, there were reactions from people who work in the financial world who said, “Taylor is our favorite character. We love to see someone who is the smartest person in the room and doesn’t have to use any bravado.”

And there were reactions to a non-binary character being introduced into this cutthroat financial world, and those were predominantly positive, which was incredibly exciting and gratifying.

Q: If people see you out and about, do you find that they expect you to be Taylor?

A: I can’t speak to what they expect, but I can say that something I hear often after people have met me is that I’m much more expressive in real life than Taylor … and much warmer. I think they’re surprised by how dissimilar I am to Taylor, in terms of my mannerisms or my general way of being. We are, in fact, very different.

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