Ashley Walters continues his ‘Bulletproof’ ways

British actor’s police adventure is in Season 2 on The CW

Ashley Walters

Can a good family man also be a risk-taking police detective?

In the case of Ashley Walters’ character on “Bulletproof,” the answer is “yes.” Now airing its second season Wednesdays on The CW, the “Bad Boys”-influenced British action series — which Walters and fellow star Noel Clarke, executive producers of the show as well, also helped create — follows Walters’ Pike and Clarke’s Bishop, independent-minded partners largely spending the current episodes pursuing a crime family.

“Noel and I had known about each other for many years but hadn’t really spoken to each other,” Walters reports, “so we’ve actually been getting to know each other through the show. I’d always been known as an actor with a very serious focus, but I also have a funny side, and he and I connected on that level. We spend most of our time on the set just laughing.”

Still, Walters notes that “behind the scenes, we’re very instrumental in the story lines and the schedule of the show. We’ve seen it through from its inception, and we’re very pleased.”

Having completed what he terms a ”Season 2.5” of “Bulletproof” set in South Africa, Walters is awaiting word on a full Season 3 while also appearing in the Netflix-revived drama series “Top Boy.”

In the meantime, his plans include continuing the music career he has, sometimes under the alias Asher D: “I’ve been chipping away at that in-between the film work. It’s always been difficult to keep consistent in the music world when the acting career is going so well, but I’ve made a push toward that in the last year. I’m working on some new stuff now.”

Birthdate: June 30, 1982

Birthplace and current residence: London, England

Marital status: Married; has seven children

Other television work includes: “Top Boy,” “In the Dark,” “Safe House,” “The Aliens,” “Cuffs,” “Silent Witness,” “The Musketeers,” “Truckers,” “Doctor Who,” “Inside Men,” “Sinbad,” “True Love,” “Outcasts,” “Five Days,” “Hustle,” “Last Rights,” “Holby City,” “The Hidden City,” “Dark Realm,” “The Whistle-Blower,” “Never Never,” “The Bill,” “Urban Gothic,” “Storm Damage,” “The Murder of Stephen Lawrence,” “Grange Hill,” “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”

Movie work includes: “Billionaire Ransom,” “Montana,” “The Charlatans” (also as writer and director), “St. George’s Day,” “Demons Never Die,” “Feds,” “Tuesday,” “Sugarhouse,” “Life and Lyrics,” “Stormbreaker,” “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” “Goal!,” “House of 9,” “Bullet Boy,” “Born Romantic”

Jay Bobbin

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