Art imitates life for Mark Feuerstein in ‘9JKL’

Mark Feuerstein
Mark Feuerstein of ‘9JKL’ airing Mondays on CBS

Q: Since it’s based on your life, how would you explain the genesis of “9JKL”?

A: I was able to combine the moment of living next door to my parents, as it really happened over the course of the eight years I was shooting “Royal Pains,” with the times when I wasn’t working as much. And that is exactly the concept of the show, in addition to all the characters coming together, this big family.

“Royal Pains” went better than the show that my character, Josh, was on. Josh was on a show called “Blind Cop,” and people come up to the character of Josh on the street and go, “ ‘I got him, Chief. I got him.’ That show sucked.” People don’t do that about “Royal Pains,” thank God, but this is a guy who’s trying to find the next phase of his career, trying to find the next phase of his love life – because he’s divorced – and trying to do it with his supportive and loving family around him.

Q: Looking back, are you glad to have lived next to your parents?

A: Because of the nature of our business and the fact that I had to shoot in New York at that time, I got all of this wonderful quality time with my mother, sitting at the table … talking about the day’s events with my father, with my brother and his wife and their children.

I wouldn’t have had that if it hadn’t gone that way, so I would highly recommend it, because life is precious and the time we get with our family is precious. And I savored every minute of it, while also savoring my time with my wife and children.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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