Another ‘Summer Under the Stars’ continues for TCM’s Dave Karger

Classic-movie host is pleased to give more talents their ‘days’

Dave Karger of ‘Summer Under the Stars’ daily in August on Turner Classic Movies

Q: Of the talents whose films you get to introduce during this year’s “Summer Under the Stars” month, you have a special affinity for Eva Marie Saint (whose “day” is Aug. 29). What would you say about her? 

A: She is just a delight. I had the opportunity to meet her at the TCM Classic Film Festival a few years ago and do a live interview with her, and she charmed me so much. It was an absolute thrill to get to meet her, and I’m such an Oscar nerd, I’m excited that one of the movies I get to introduce is “On the Waterfront.” She’s in that rare group of performers who won an Oscar for their very first film.

Also, we have “The Stalking Moon,” a Western she made with Gregory Peck — and also with Robert Forster, who is someone else I just adored. It’s so cool to see him in one of his first movies; he was in his 20s, playing a man who was half-Native American, which he did several times in his career. It was a breakout performance for him.

Q: Are other showcased stars particular standouts for you this time?

A: Another one I’m really excited about, because I get to learn more about her, is Nina Foch (Saturday, Aug. 15). I’m such a fan of “Executive Suite,” and I think it’s so fascinating that in the midst of this cast — William Holden and Fredric March and Shelley Winters — she’s the one who got the Oscar nomination. She didn’t get top billing with the others, but she’s the one who emerged with that.

Q: Are there any movies you might have introduced that you’re sorry not to see on your “Summer Under the Stars” watch?

A: Where’s “The Quiet Man”? It’s not on Maureen O’Hara’s day (Aug. 17). Maybe it wasn’t available.

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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