Angie Harmon’s character’s secrets are ‘Buried in Barstow’

Actress launches Lifetime movie franchise

Angie Harmon of ‘Buried in Barstow’ Saturday on Lifetime

Q: Did the fact that Lifetime acquired your “Rizzoli & Isles” show help place your new series of “Buried in Barstow” movies there?

A: To be honest, it did come out of them having “Rizzoli & Isles.” It was especially flattering for that. You know, that was seven years and seven seasons. It feels like a lifetime ago, but it was wonderful getting that call and having that offer, and it was a wonderful window into all the other things that I wanted to do, and this is my (pet) project.

I’ve loved this script since I read it and started shopping it around 3-1/2 years ago. And now, I am really, really excited about it. Very tremendously grateful.

Q: Do you feel your “Buried in Barstow” role, as a diner owner and single mother drawn back into her former life as a hit woman, suits your overall brand?

A: I have no problem with that. And to be honest, I think it’s kind of an aspect of my career that has just sort of followed me around the entire time. I got to a place where I was just like, “It’s a blessing,” because what if I had to play a huge nerd for 25 years? At this point, I can break down a crime scene and prosecute a case and win or defend it, or whatever. Whatever sort of law enforcement you might need, I’m your gal.

Q: Do you like the idea of “Buried in Barstow,” of which you’re also an executive producer, being a continuing franchise rather than a single movie?

A: I didn’t really understand how we were supposed to do this and then film it, and how much of the original script we’re supposed to put in this one. So, it was kind of a learning experience.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m curious to see how the audience responds to it. We go to the theater or we watch movies that are two hours long, and then there’s a sequel and then there’s a third. So I was just like, “They’ve been doing this since the beginning of filmmaking.” I kind of justified it like that.

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