Angelique Cabral has a happy ‘Life’

Angelique Cabral of “Life in Pieces” Thursday on CBS.

Q: What’s your thought about “Life in Pieces” combining four stories weekly in a half-hour’s time – which is more like 22 minutes without commercials?

A: It’s like 88 episodes a season, basically. At least that’s how it feels, and what our writers do is very hard. Are all the stories the best ever? No, of course not. There are definitely weaker stories some weeks, but overall as a show, we’re so proud of the consistency and the humor and the heart that we bring.

I don’t know why more shows don’t do this, to be honest. I think we all have such short attention spans now, with Instagram and social media and all of that, it feeds right into our demographic. The show is so quick and short that if you don’t like one story, go to the bathroom and come back, and you’ll like the next one.

Angelique Cabral

Q: With the stories being so short, how does that affect your work schedule on the series?

A: It’s a dream for us as actors, let me tell you. We shoot three to four days a week, but it’s not full days because of the way our show is structured. We really have a cushy schedule. It’s great.

Q: Since you recently became a first-time mom, can one assume that’s a particularly happy situation for you?

A: I have my mom, I have a nanny, and I’m able to bring the baby to the set – so I can be with her when I’m not shooting. (“Life in Pieces” creator and executive producer) Justin Adler and (executive producer) Aaron Kaplan both have three girls, so I’m dealing with family men who understand the importance of that.

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