‘American Gods’ – When Ricky met Ian

‘American Gods’ – Chemistry immediate between Whittle and McShane

Ricky Whittle of ‘American Gods’ Sunday on Starz

Q: Your scenes with Ian McShane really make the series go. Was your chemistry with him immediate?

A: From literally day one. You know people are special when you remember the exact time you met them in your life. And I literally remember being in – David Slade, the director of the first three episodes in Season 1 – I remember being in his office and there were (series creators/executive producers) Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, and that’s where I kind of saw Ian and we literally hit it off.

We’re both from Manchester (England) – well, he’s Blackburn, I’m Oldham – but we’re both from the Manchester kind of area. We’re both Manchester fans and we just started talking football. And David Slade literally sat there with Michael Green, looking at us going, “I have no idea what these guys are talking about. We don’t do soccer over here.” (Laughs) So me and Ian just kind of spitballed for ages about absolutely nothing to do with the show and I feel like that kind of chemistry and camaraderie off camera really translated onto camera.

Q: How was working with Julia Sweeney and her formidable improv talents from her “Saturday Night Live” days?

A: I literally want her to read me stories for the rest of my life. Her voice is so soothing and wonderful and bright but I also don’t think she should ever be given a script. I think she should just ad-lib everything.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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