Alicia Malone uses her film knowledge as new TCM host

Films from her native Australia naturally hold special appeal

Alicia Malone of Turner Classic Movies

Q: As you settle more into the job, are there certain personal-favorite movies that you’re especially looking forward to introducing as a relatively new Turner Classic Movies host?

A: I’ve been lucky in that I’ve already been able to introduce “The Apartment,” because that is my all-time favorite movie. I felt so excited to do it, I was quite giddy!

I would really love to introduce “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” because back in Australia before there was TCM, we had a guy who was also a film critic and would introduce classic movies on TV late at night. I loved hearing his intros, so I would record them and listen to them backward and forward until I wore out the tape. I knew every word …but it annoyed me when he got one of the quotes in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” wrong, so now, I would love to introduce that film. That would be a full-circle moment.

Q: Since you’re from Australia, is it logical that you’d find particular pleasure in introducing films from your homeland on TCM?

A: I’ve gotten to introduce things like “Breaker Morant” and “Picnic at Hanging Rock” on FilmStruck (TCM’s sister streaming service), and I think my accent got really strong during those intros. It was like, “G’day! We’re watching Australian movies.”

In Australia, the film industry grew much more in the ‘90s — which is too recent for TCM, but I would love to introduce “Picnic at Hanging Rock” there. Every time there’s an Australian actor or director in an intro, I have to mention where they’re from, as sort of a tip of the hat. I always say, “ … and ‘Aussie’ Rod Taylor.”

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