Alan Tudyk becomes Earth’s ‘Resident Alien’

New Syfy series centers around human-looking extraterrestrial

Alan Tudyk of ‘Resident Alien’ Wednesday on Syfy

Q: Other fantasy projects you’ve done have proved that you’re used to the genre. How is it for you to return to it as a human-looking extraterrestrial, who initially comes to Earth with the intention of eliminating mankind, in “Resident Alien”?

A: When I play the character, there is a lot of discomfort going on inside of me, because it’s sort of you’re looking  standing behind yourself looking out. That’s what he would be doing. It’s like he’s wearing a mask, the mask that looks like me, as he’s looking at the world. I didn’t look in the mirror and find the creepiest, weirdest faces; it’s usually the other way around.

Q: How do you go about introducing human elements into your new character, Harry, while still maintaining the sense of his being an alien?

A: The longer he’s on Earth, I think it’s a great thing as an actor that as he inhabits this body, it starts to play upon him. He gets to feel emotions.  He’s not just a lizard brain or alien brain the entire time. He feels.

That’s a lot of fun, to get to just play with emotion. That’s a lot of what acting is. It’s the basic blocks of, “What is it to be human?”

Q: What can you say about Harry’s relationship to the Colorado town’s somewhat inexperienced mayor (played by Levi Fiehler), who starts developing doubts about what’s happening in his locality?

A: He’s the father of the little kid who can see me (as Harry). He’s got a kid who’s losing his mind, so he’s got parenting issues.

Q: Where do you get the basis for playing an alien?

A: I don’t like to tell this story, but … I was on my honeymoon. I was in the Cayman Islands, and I met an alien. (Note: Tudyk said this with tongue in cheek.)

Jay Bobbin

Jay Bobbin

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