AJ Michalka is getting ‘Schooled’ in leading a series

Actress-singer advances her character from ‘The Goldbergs’

AJ Michalka of ‘Schooled’ Wednesday on ABC

Q: While you were starting “Schooled,” you also were still working on “The Goldbergs,” bringing Lainey’s storyline there to a close of sorts. How was that?

A: It was emotional. It’s interesting; as an actor, you get so close to the other actors on these sets. It was like, “OK, we’ve got to wrap up here so Lainey can have her time in the ‘90s.”

Q: Since music is in your background, and Lainey is a music teacher in “Schooled,” do you get to be musical much in the new show?

A: I do! Mainly, I’m kind of guiding the kids through their musical journeys, but the cool part is that she’s able to lend her thoughts and skills to the kids she’s teaching. And that’s really neat, and some great little musical numbers come up.

Lennie James

Q: Your fellow-actress sister Aly also has been your singing partner. Is there a chance she could show up on “Schooled” in some sort of tuneful capacity?

A: I‘ve thought about that as well, and I think that would be something Adam (Goldberg, an executive producer of both “Schooled” and “The Goldbergs”) would definitely consider. He’s all about keeping to the aesthetic of his real life, so for him, it has to feel organized and real to his experience.

If he found there was a character from that world that Aly would really fit, he would make it work … but he’s extremely particular about what he puts in his shows, which I have a lot of respect for. He doesn’t just throw in things for convenience’s sake. He thinks about everything, which I think is what makes for a great showrunner.

Jay Bobbin

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