‘Shrill’ – A learning experience for Aidy Bryant

What the actress has taken away from Hulu comedy

Aidy Bryant of ‘Shrill’ on Hulu

Q: It seems like you play a lot of older characters on “Saturday Night Live.” So was part of the idea behind “Shrill” to enable you to play somebody who was closer to your own age?

A: Oh, yeah. I mean, well, I’m never sad to be cast as a mom because I feel sort of like an older mom at heart. And I think a lot of it is about energy; but, certainly, I’ve played a lot of older women. And yeah, I mean, I think part of us making this show … we wanted to make a fat character that was young and vibrant and had a sexual life and a really full life. That was always something we were setting out to do. And, yeah, I’m happy to play closer to my own age because that’s who I know how to be.

Q: Now that you’ve finished “Shrill,” what are things that you can take from this experience that will inform your work going forward?

A: I’ve been at “SNL” for a very long time, and it’s given me this incredible foundation for how to make television … especially in really extreme circumstances where the timeline is really short and the decisions have to be made. And I think that really helped me in working on “Shrill” because I know how to make decisions quickly and collaborate with an ensemble and communicate my ideas quickly and clearly. And I feel very lucky that I had that foundation going into this because this is a whole new ballgame as far as the scale and the responsibility and the pressure. And so, in that way, I feel like the thing I learned is I can do it. I can do it. I did it. I’m so proud of what I did, what we did. This was an incredible team effort.

George Dickie

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