‘Agatha Raisin’ – It’s the clothes for Ashley Jensen

Ashley Jenson on dancing the tango

Ashley Jensen of ‘Agatha Raisin & As the Pig Turns’ Monday on Acorn TV

Q: What is the funnest part of playing Agatha Raisin?

A: What I love about her is basically she’s very different to me. I think that Agatha doesn’t take no for an answer. She bullies her way into any situation and pretty much gets what she wants, and it’s always a joy to play somebody that’s a bit like that and is not like you. Her costumes are sublime. I love doing a costume shot for the character. I always think it’s important when you’re playing a TV detective to always have a silhouette or something that’s very identifiable … the lips and the handbag held like the queen and the kind of very streamlined silhouette. And the heels to be worn on any terrains. She’ll never give up her stiletto heels.

But also the ensemble cast is just so fun be partnered up with. I have a different kind of partner in crime for every episode … . So you get to almost play with all the other characters at some point. And we’re kind of evolving the show into sort of something that there is a fair amount of physical comedy, and I get quite excited about doing a bit of physical comedy.

Q: You danced the tango in “The Deadly Dance.” How are you as a dancer?

A: (The choreographer) said I was rather good and I was quite natural, to blow my own little trumpet for a minute (laughs). I mean … I don’t think I’ll be doing “Dancing With the Stars” anytime soon, put it that way. I don’t think my knees would cope but I love doing it. I do love a new challenge, and we had a wonderful choreographer. He worked with actors and he knows that actors are actors and not dancers, so he was very open and very relaxed with that. But it was great, it was really good fun to do but I take my hat off to dancers. It’s an amazing discipline to be able to have.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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