Adam Scott’s advice for game players? ‘Don’t’

Former ‘Parks and Recreation’ co-star hosts new ABC contest

Adam Scott

Most people don’t like hearing the word “don’t,” but for Adam Scott, saying it — a lot — is his newest job.

Typically busy as an actor, the “Parks and Recreation” and “Big Little Lies” alum becomes a game-show host as ABC’s “Don’t” premieres Thursday, June 11. With Ryan Reynolds among its executive producers, the contest tasks teams of relatives and/or acquaintances to conquer crazy challenges in a quest to win $100,000 while trying to adhere to the given “Don’t” rule that they’ve been issued (such as “Don’t blink” or “Don’t look back”).

“I grew up watching game shows,” the friendly Scott confirms, “because they would start running immediately after I got home from school … things like ‘The Joker’s Wild’ and ‘The Newlywed Game.’ Ryan Reynolds’ sense of humor is incredibly sharp, and he’s a really smart guy, so I could trust the creative on this. And also the silliness of it; that’s a huge component, that this doesn’t take itself seriously at all.”

“Don’t” marks the first time Scott and Reynolds have worked together, and since the show can’t be done without players being in close proximity to one another, it’s clear that its initial season was taped before the coronavirus pandemic initiated widespread social distancing.

“Watching some of the episodes back recently, I was taken with how different the world was just a few months ago,” Scott allows. “Even the audience sitting together watching the tapings, that alone will tell you this was done a while back. ‘Don’t’ is pure escapism, just big, silly fun — and we have some great writers, so there are some weird comedy bits as well.”

Birthdate: April 3, 1973

Birthplace: Santa Cruz, Calif.

Current residence: Los Angeles

Marital status: Married; has two children

Other television work includes: “Parks and Recreation,” “Big Little Lies,” “The Twilight Zone,” ”The Good Place,” “Ghosted,” “Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later,” “Veep,” “Angie Tribeca,” “Drunk History,” “Burning Love,” “Robot Chicken” (voice only), “American Dad!” (voice only), “Eastbound & Down,” “Childrens Hospital,” “Party Down,” “Trust Me,” “Tell Me You Love Me,” “Veronica Mars,” “Wonderfalls,” “CSI: Miami,” “Six Feet Under,” “Glory Days,” “Wasteland,” “Party of Five,” “NYPD Blue,” “Murder One,” “Boy Meets World,” “ER”

Movie work includes: “The Disaster Artist,” “Little Evil,” “Flower,” “Krampus,” “Black Mass,” “Hot Tub Time Machine 2,” ‘They Came Together,” “The Guilt Trip,” “Friends With Kids,” “Our Idiot Brother,” “Piranha 3D,” “Leap Year,” “Step Brothers,” “Corporate Affairs,” “August,” “The Great Buck Howard,” “Knocked Up,” “Art School Confidential,” “Monster-in-Law,” “The Matador,” “The Aviator,” “High Crimes,” “Dinner and Driving,” “Star Trek: First Contact,” “The Last Days of Frankie the Fly”

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