Acting with Ian McShane ‘an honor’ for Ricky Whittle

Ricky Whittle

Q: How was it for you playing opposite the superb Ian McShane, Mr. Wednesday in Starz’s “American Gods“?

A: He’s one of the greatest actors of our generation. The guy’s incredible and it’s been an absolute honor. I mean, I know him from “Lovejoy.” America knows him from “Deadwood,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “John Wick” recently. You know, he’s a monster in the game and I think he’s going to win awards for this role. He’s incredible in every way and it’s been an honor to share the screen with him and to go toe to toe, and I feel he’s raised my and everyone else’s levels, and he brings a fantastic character to life off the page.

Q: How much of Season 1 was filmed on location?

A: Everything was on location. In our case it was in Toronto but there were no standing sets, so literally everything was out in diners, out on the open road. We shot out in Oklahoma, we were out to Wisconsin. So it was fantastic from an acting point of view because we really were surrounded by desert or up in the mountains or in diners. It was a lot of fun kind of traipsing around Toronto or around Canada and around Oklahoma.

When we meet Shadow in a maximum security prison that we shot in Oklahoma, we were surrounded by inmates who were on death row, which was kind of intimidating. But as an actor, it allows you to kind of feel the history of the location. You know, when you walk in there and it’s falling apart, it’s a terrible place to be, and it was great to get into character for that. It was really great working on location. I’m looking forward to seeing where we’re going in Season 2.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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