ABC’s ‘American Idol’ team: Back together again?

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Q: Will Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie continue on “American Idol”? – Chris Davis, Stuart, Fla.

A: Yes. The time was getting tight for the decision to be made, since the auditions began in late July in Brooklyn (ending in Chicago in mid-September, but the three superstars will be back as judges for the contest’s third season on ABC. The question mark, as of the deadline for this column, is whether Ryan Seacrest will re-up as host … which the network has said it’s “hopeful” for, though it’s taken a while to close his financial deal for the next season of the show.

Q: With the cost of cable service, why aren’t all TV shows available on On Demand? I believe that two of my favorite shows, “The Good Fight” and “Pearson,” are not. – Sherry Anderson, St. Clairsville, Ohio

A: To start with the specific examples you cited, “Pearson” actually is. Perhaps you tried a bit too soon after its “live TV” premiere, but USA Network is running ads specifically referring viewers to “On Demand” to catch up with the new “Suits” spinoff’s episodes.

It’s a bit more complicated where “The Good Fight” is concerned, since CBS only has broadcast (to date) the first season of the spinoff of “The Good Wife,” which really is a CBS All Access streaming series that viewers normally have to subscribe to that service to get. (The CBS-broadcast version has been edited from the original content.) On Demand has had those CBS episodes lately, but at a certain point, they revert back to being exclusive to CBS All Access customers. (They’re on DVD, too, with Season 3 slated to be released on that format in mid-September.)

Overall, the On Demand issue has been a big one for the television industry in recent years, with networks being more insistent on outside series suppliers agreeing to let their shows be available via that method … at the very least encompassing the complete current season of a program, adding new episodes shortly after they debut on the regular schedule. Though there still may be some holdouts, those are becoming fewer and fewer.

Q: Is the new “Nancy Drew” series based on the classic novels? – Anna Ward, via e-mail

A: Not necessarily directly, but there surely are a lot of the books’ elements incorporated into The CW show that’s scheduled to premiere Oct. 9. A very apparent one is the idea of a ghostly apparition, which figures prominently into the series pilot and appears to be destined to continue into subsequent episodes.

However, this is not your grandmother’s – or even your mother’s – “Nancy Drew,” with the new Nancy (played by Kennedy McMann) quite modern when it comes to such matters as romance. On the other hand, tradition will be maintained a bit more by Scott Wolf as Nancy’s father Carson … though even Wolf joked at a recent press conference for the show that where Nancy was concerned, he was “just hearing about this sex thing for the first time. We’ll talk later.”

Q: I was surprised to see Luke Perry in “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood.” When did he film that? – Richard Hall, Glen Burnie, Md.

A: It would have been between June and November of last year, but probably on the earlier side of that, given the commitment he had to The CW series “Riverdale.” Perry appeared as Wayne Maunder, co-star of the actual 1960s CBS Western show “Lancer,” which figures into the plot of Quentin Tarantino’s “Hollywood” when Leonardo DiCaprio’s character lands a role on it. While Perry died before the movie’s release, so did Maunder; he passed last November.

Q: Taye Diggs seems to have a lot of friends on Twitter, but I heard that he doesn’t run his own account. Is that true? – Pete Barker, via e-mail

A: Evidently. Heading into Season 2 of The CW series “All American,” the actor – who is somewhat legendary for the number of “friends” he has on that social-media site – admitted that he’s not the one who handles his posts or his many apparent “follows” of other people. Asked if he looks at his Twitter feed often, he replied, “Absolutely not. No. I have someone that does that for me.”

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