A young paleontologist gets to meet the real thing in Amazon’s ‘Dino Dana’

Any parent with a budding paleontologist under their roof will want to point them in the direction of an original kidsʼ series recently premiered on Amazon.
In “Dino Dana,” young Michela Luci (“Odd Squad”) stars in the title role of a “paleontologist in training,” who after a chance encounter with Trek (Trek Buccino) from “Dino Dan: Trekʼs Adventures” and his Dino Field Guide, begins to see dinosaurs all around her, thus leading her into adventures.
Each episode features plenty of action and is loaded with interesting dinosaur facts that the series applies to kid-relatable experiences, and viewers learn about 11 new species. And your tour guide for this trek through this CGI-animated dino landscape is Dana, played by the 11-year-old Canadian actress who admits the series was as educational for her as it should be for viewers.
“Dana is a very spunky paleontologist,” Michela says. “Sheʼs adventurous and sheʼs very confident in her work. She doesnʼt care about what other people think of her. She just loves what she does and I really admire that.”
In the series, Dana dances with dinosaurs, gets spit on and splashed at and even picked up by them. This, of course, required some acting skill on the part of Michela, who simply relied on her imagination to play those scenes.
“I had to put myself in Danaʼs shoes,” she continues, “because Dana can see dinosaurs but Michela canʼt. So I had to pretend that I was Dana and Dana sees the dinosaurs so putting myself in her shoes made it a lot easier for me to see the dinosaurs. And I would just think of what the dinosaurs would be doing and Iʼd almost have like a little movie about these dinosaurs in my head, based off of the script, and I would just put them in front of me.”

George Dickie

George Dickie

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