A woman seeks revenge on her would-be killers in Hulu’s noir-ish ‘Reprisal’

‘Reprisal’ – Abigail Spencer winning as femme fatale

Abigail Spencer stars in “Reprisal,” which begins streaming Friday on Hulu.

A woman drives down a dark dirt road, where she comes upon a slew of dead bodies and the gang responsible, one of whom is her brother. As she is chained up, she warns her sibling that she will see him again. She is then dragged off behind a pick-up truck, presumably to her death.

Years later, she re-emerges in a different state with a different name, hair color and persona, that of the respected wife of a dying small-town restaurateur – but with a burning desire to even that score. How her elaborate plan plays out drives the storyline of a noir thriller premiering this week on Hulu.

In “Reprisal,” which begins streaming Friday,  Dec. 6, Abigail Spencer (“Timeless,” “Rectify”) stars as the femme fatale in question, Doris Dearie, a strong, self-sufficient woman who sets in motion a plot of revenge that encompasses rival gangs of Southern gearheads, a strip club, her son, brother and ex-boyfriend and a sea of characters of varying degrees of repute.

Created by showrunner Josh Corbin (“StartUp”), “Reprisal” also stars Rodrigo Santoro (“Westworld”), Mena Massoud (“Aladdin”), Rhys Wakefield (“True Detective”), Madison Davenport (“Sharp Objects”), W. Earl Brown (“Preacher”), Craig Tate (“Snowfall”) and Gilbert Owuor (“Goliath”). Its publicity promises that the series will examine “the intricacies of family – both the one you’re born with and the one you make along the way.”

“For me, it is a story about characters who are having to reconnect with their pasts,” Corbin explained to a recent gathering of journalists in Beverly Hills, Calif., “and in a lot of ways, reconnect with the sins of their past. For me personally, I think as I get older I find the sort of processing of memories to be kind of fascinating … and I wanted to create a world very reflective of that to represent this sort of idea that these characters are facing down their pasts.”

“I do feel like it’s like a train is coming,” Spencer adds, “this kind of energy of like it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming, and it’s here. And so how do you unleash all of that energy? So it is a lot of collective rage. I feel like Doris is kind of harnessing all the energy of the planet of the feminine rage and bringing it forward. And I feel so honored to be a container for that.”

George Dickie

George Dickie

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