‘A Very Brady Renovation’ – Barry Williams is a tinkerer

Taking on the Brady house

Barry Williams of ‘A Very Brady Renovation’ Monday on HGTV.

Q: What rooms did you work on and which HGTV stars did you work with?

A: Lara Spencer, Jasmine Roth … and we focused on Mike’s den and Greg’s attic bedroom.

Q: Do you have DIY skills?

A: Yeah. They’re on display throughout the series. Like all of us, I’ve owned houses, six or seven different houses over the years and I’m constantly tinkering, constantly involved in different aspects. There are places where I don’t venture like electric.

Q: Plumbing can scare some people.

A: Plumbing does. But you know, when it comes to putting down carpet or putting up wall, my brother was a drywaller so I know how to do that and the stages, painting, that kind of thing. You know, fixing and tinkering, so I’m comfortable with tools and keep them around the house.

And you know today, it’s so much different because I just replaced a piece in my dishwasher and there’s a video for that. There’s a video for that, right down to the model, right down to the year. Yeah, it’s just amazing. So all you have to do is just have an affinity for it and then it’s all there for you.

Q: Is everything in the Brady house done?

A: The house is done. Yes and no. They haven’t completely edited the last episodes but the house has been done, yeah.

Q: Did it live up to your expectations?

A: And then some.

George Dickie

George Dickie

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