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Tiger Woods

Q: Tiger Woods’ recent victory at The Masters got me thinking. Wasn’t there a TV movie about him some years ago? — Roger Main, via e-mail

A: Yes, there was, not long after he originally won that golf championship … the first of his five wins of it to date, as it has turned out. Directed by LeVar Burton (“Roots,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation”), the logically titled 1998 Showtime drama “The Tiger Woods Story” had several actors in the title role at various ages.

For most of the film, the part was covered by Khalil Kain (later of the sitcom “Girlfriends”), with Keith David as Woods’ father Earl. John Cho – who also would become a part of the “Star Trek” canon, as Sulu in the franchise’s latest wave of feature films – had a supporting role as Jerry Chang, one of Woods’ golfing teammates at Stanford University.

“Good Girls”

Q: I really enjoy “Good Girls,” but I worry that it won’t come back again. Will it have another season? – Pam Dowd, Buffalo, N.Y.

A: You can stop worrying, since there’s already good news on that front. Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman will keep scheming for at least one more round, since NBC has renewed the show for Season 3. A big factor in that undoubtedly is how it’s performing on digital platforms, since the network says it’s drawing two times the audience it did last season in that realm.

Q: When does the new season of “Big Little Lies” begin? – Erin Davis, Stuart, Fla.

A: HBO has set the debut of Season 2 of the drama for June 9. Meryl Streep is a hugely notable addition – as the mother-in-law of Nicole Kidman’s Celeste — to the cast that also will include returnees Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, Zoe Kravitz, Adam Scott, James Tupper and Jeffrey Nordling. David E. Kelley also came back to write the sequel, based on a story he devised with original “Big Little Lies” author Liane Moriarty.

Q: After it announced that “When Calls the Heart” would be returning, would Hallmark Channel have been so quick to renew it for next season if Lori Loughlin was still involved in it? – Lauren Grant, via e-mail

A: To a degree, that would be guesswork on our part. However, the series is among the highest-rated offerings Hallmark has, so we’d speculate that the Season 7 renewal likely would have come with or without Loughlin … who, as now is widely known, was disinvited from all Hallmark projects (and, in the case of “Heart,” literally edited out of the remaining Season 6 episodes) very shortly after her involvement in the college admissions scandal went public.

Q: I’ve heard that “Space: 1999” is finally getting a home-video release. When will that be? – Michael Thomas, Elyria, Ohio

A: It’s actually been available before, in eight separate DVD sets plus a later complete-series set, as well as a Blu-ray release that only encompassed the first of the series’ two seasons. The whole show is scheduled to get a major reissue in both formats on the Shout! Factory label on July 16, with one of the set’s discs devoted to bonus features.

Airing in syndication in America in the mid-1970s, the sci-fi classic married the special effects for which British creator-producers Gerry and Sylvia Anderson (“Thunderbirds,” “Fireball XL5”) were so well-known to human drama from a cast led by then-spouses Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, who also had worked together on “Mission: Impossible.” Barry Morse (“The Fugitive”) also was a prominent star of the show in its first season.

Q: It’s nice to see Phillipa Soo, of Broadway “Hamilton” fame, with a television role on “The Code” now. Did she do any TV work before? – Scott Jennings, Cranston, R.I.

A: Her biggest effort toward home-screen stardom previously was in the second (and last) season of the NBC musical-drama “Smash,” playing the character Lexi in several episodes. When we spoke with her about CBS’ “The Code” recently, “Hamilton” Tony Award nominee Soo allowed that there was a certain delicious irony for her in attaining such success on the Great White Way after having played someone who was struggling to achieve it.

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