A ‘new’ Negan in Season 10? Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks ‘The Walking Dead’

Popular AMC horror-drama series starts its
latest round

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Negan has been one of the most fearsome and lethal elements of “The Walking Dead,” but now, he has his own vulnerabilities … giving Jeffrey Dean Morgan a lot to play in Season 10.

The popular AMC horror-drama returns Sunday, Oct. 6, with most plot details typically under wraps. However, based on Season 9’s ending, Negan may be turning over a new leaf: His reign of terror over, at least for now, the escapee from imprisonment put himself at risk and suffered an injury to save young Judith (Cailey Fleming) during a blizzard. However, whether the “new” Negan takes permanent hold is anyone’s guess.

“It’s been a crazy ride, certainly,” the friendly Morgan muses. “I don’t think anyone expected Negan to take off like he did. He’s a polarizing character, for sure, and the fans either hate him or love him. There’s not a lot of in-between.”

For any knowledge he had of “The Walking Dead” before he joined it, Morgan notes, “You don’t realize how many people watch the show. I do now, but I didn’t when I took the job, and it could have gone one of two ways: Either they were going to respond to the character, or they were going to be indifferent, which happens to a lot of characters when they’re brought into any show. They just kind of get lost in the background.”

As the new season gets underway, Morgan remains grateful for Negan’s impact on “The Walking Dead” faithful and his career. He maintains it’s also “a testament to the writers and the other actors. It’s one of those situations where you just get incredibly lucky.”

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